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During one of the most stressful times of my life, my daughter helped me turn my life around.

This book, is my way of paying it forward and hopefully helping you.

Especially with all of the crazy things going on in the world right now...

I just wanted to give you a gift. 

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If you've ever struggled with weight, or lack of energy, or just feeling unhealthy...


In This Book You Will Learn How To:

  • Start an exercise program you will enjoy and stick with
  • Develop and follow a nutritional program that is right for you
  • Successfully deal with challenges in your health and fitness journey
  • ​Identify and deal with environmental challenges such as work/home and friend/family challenges
  • ​Deal with emotional triggers, excuses and mindset challenges
  • ​Set yourself up for success
  • ​Break “bad” unhealthy habits and develop new healthy ones
  • ​Develop consistency and self-discipline
  • ​Deal with excuses once and for all
  • ​Stress-proof your life
  • ​Stay healthy on the go, even when traveling or on vacation
  • ​Learn how to deal with your metabolism
  • ​Why developing a positive attitude is KEY 
  • ​Find time even if you don’t think you have time


This book is based on the inspiring and improbable journey of a nurse practitioner who at age 59 decided to change her life. So, she returned to school and with her daughter’s help, also became healthy and fit.

Dr. Mimi Secor earned her doctorate at age 61 and also lost 30 pounds during this most stressful time of her life. A year later at age 62, she was in her first bodybuilding competition and in 2018 she placed 2nd in the over 55 category.

This “How to Guide” includes everything you need to know to jump start your health journey and transform your life, so you can become healthy and fit and FEEL GREAT (even naked).

Dr. Mimi discussed the four pillars of health which include nutrition, exercise, mindset and environmental factors such as home, work, and travel. You will learn step by step how to transform your life including; how to stop unhealthy “bad” habits and how to develop new healthy habits. Dr Mimi offers simple, effective strategies that can be easily implemented even if you are super busy and think you have NO TIME.

Dr Mimi works with her daughter IFBB Pro bodybuilder/trainer/transformation coach, as Coach Kat and Dr Mimi, and their passion is helping busy, stressed out women who are struggling with their health and/or their weight, to become healthy and fit. They offer a variety of online health and fitness programs and products.


Dr. Mimi Secor is a nurse practitioner, national speaker, award winning author, and late in life health and fitness advocate and bodybuilder.

She has coauthored two textbooks, authored numerous other publications and has earned several awards including the lifetime achievement award from the Massachusetts Coalition of Nurse Practitioners. In 2018 she was voted by her peers, as a one of the Top 10 NPs in the US.

In addition to her publications, Dr. Secor is an engaging and in-demand speaker who is a frequent speaker at state, regional and national meetings/events. She has been featured on ABC’s Good Morning America, interviewed by the Boston Globe and the Wall Street Journal and she is a host of an award-winning National radio program, ReachMD.

Dr. Secor is currently working with her daughter, IFBB pro bodybuilder/trainer/transformation coach, as “Coach Kat and Dr Mimi” to help women transform their lives so they can be healthy and fit, more confident and ultimately more successful.

Get the Book & Audiobook for FREE!

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