Debut A New You
Transforming Your Life 
At Any Age
"Mimi Secor's stories are our stories. Her warm, easy conversational style offers us insight, inspires us, and even challenges us to examine our own behaviors, measure our strengths, face our weaknesses and chart our journey to create our own culture of health and fitness. Mimi has thrown the ball in our court. Let's play to win!  

-Dr. Loretta C. Ford, 
CO-FOUNDER of the Nurse Practitioner Profession

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What People Are Saying:

Lisette M. Cintron, FNP

"It is because of Dr. Mimi Secor that, at the age of 49, I am 30 pound lighter, healthier, full of energy and determined to reach my goals! Her book is a MUST read. She will INSPIRE you to realize, it's never too late to become a healthier, fit you!"

Ron Whisner

“Mimi inspired me. Since meeting her I have been working with a trainer, improved my diet, and lost 40 pounds! I can not remember the last time I felt this good.”

Dr. Angela Golden, Past President of AANP, owner NP from Home, LLC

"Mimi shares her passion for helping others to help the reader create a vision for their own health. The book is an easy read to get anyone started on their own personal health and fitness journey."

Dr Amelie Hollier, DNP, FNP-BC, FAANP

“Mimi's improbable journey gives new meaning to resolve and determination.  Her story is guaranteed to inspire you.”
So What’s The Book About?
This book is about the improbable journey of a nurse practitioner who in her late 50's transformed her life. 

Dr Secor earned her doctorate at age 61 and lost 30 lbs during this most stressful time. A year later in 2016 she was in her first bodybuilding show earning a 5 th place trophy. 

Dr Mimi Secor’s story will inspire you to follow your dreams, at any age.  She will show you how you can transform your life; step by step, day by day, and minute by minute. 

Her mission is to inspire everyone, but especially health care professionals, to become healthy role models for their patients, families and communities.  

Health is the most powerful medicine.
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In This Book You Will Learn:

  •  How small changes can be transformational
  •  How to break through your excuses
  •  How to cope with temptations and triggers
  •  How to stay healthy "on the go"
  •  Stress proofing your life
  •  The skinny on nutritional strategies (Diet is "die" with a T)
  •  How to boost your metabolism
  •  Is cardio helping or hurting you
  •  Why attitude is everything

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About The Author
Dr. Mimi Secor is an expert nurse practitioner, national speaker, award winning author, and late in life fitness/health guru and body builder. 

Dr. Secor has coauthored several medical textbooks and numerous other professional publications. 

In addition to her publications, Dr Secor is an engaging and in-demand speaker who is regularly invited to speak to various groups around the country including at state, regional and national meetings. She has been featured on ABC’s Good Morning America, interviewed by the Boston Globe and the Wall Street Journal and she has been a host of an award winning National radio program, ReachMD.  

 Dr Secor is currently working with her daughter as “Coach Kat and Dr Mimi” to help women transform their lives so they can be healthy, confident and successful.

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